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Integration of Corneal Tomography and Biomechanical Assessment for Enhanced Ectasia Detection

Renato Ambrósio, Jr, MD, PhD, Brazil

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About the Presenter:
• 1990-1995: Medical School at the Fundação T.E. Souza Marques (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

• 1995: Internship in Internal Medicine at the 7th Infermary at the Santa Casa de Misericórdia do Rio de Janeiro. Achieved the award of the best student of the year

• 1996: Volunteer service to the Brazilian Air Force as Second Lieu Tenent MD in Ophthalmology; one year residency training in Hospital Souza Aguiar in Rio de Janeiro

• 1997-2000: Residency in Ophthalmology and Cornea Fellowhsip at the Instituto de Oftalmologia Tadeu Cvintal (São Paulo, Brasil)

• 2000-2002 Fellowship in Cornea and Refractive Surgery at the University of Washington (Seattle, EUA) with Steven E. Wilson, MD (Professor and Chair)

• 2000-2004: PhD Doctorate in Science – area of concentration Medicine-Ophthalmology at the University of São Paulo (São Paulo, Brasil)

• 2002-today Director of Cornea and Refractive Surgery at the Instituto de Olhos Renato Ambrósio, Visare Personal Laser and Refracta-RIO;

• Founder (2008) and Scientific coordinator of the Rio de Janeiro Corneal Tomography and Biomechanics Study Group

• (2006-today) Associate Professor at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro

• (2010-today) Associate Professor of the Post Graduate Training in Ophthalmology at Federal University of Sao Paulo

• Former President of the Brazilian Society of Administration in Ophthalmology (2006-2010)

• Vice-President of the Brazilian Society of Refractive Surgery (2010-2012)

• Elected President of the Brazilian Society of Refractive Surgery (2012-2014)

Contact the presenter at:
Ambrósio, Renato; Ramos, Isaac C.; Santos, Rodrigo T.; Roberts, Cynthia J.; Belin, Michael W.; Lyra, João Marcelo; Machado, Aydano

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